9 Thing You Can Pitch To Brands As A Micro-Influencer

Being a micro-influencer (under 50,000) can be quite a task. This is because the influencer industry does not seem to be ready to cut micro-influencers some slack.

Hence, many micro-influencers have to work harder to convince brands that they are worthy of brand collaboration. They have to go the extra mile to prove that they are of great value despite their meager followership.

In addition to this challenge is the uncertainty of what to pitch to brands as a micro-influencer. So are you confused about what exactly to pitch to brands? Here are some of the best deliverables you can offer.

Here’s 9 Things You Can Pitch as a Micro-Influencer

1. Instagram Posts/Stories

Amongst brands, Instagram is the most popular influencer marketing platform. Little wonder why 97% of marketers intend to use regular Instagram posts as a marketing strategy.

Likewise, the majority of influencers make use of Instagram posts and stories to advertise for brands. It is, therefore also a great pitching tool for micro-influencers.

In almost all my brand collaborations, I always pitch at least one Instagram post to be featured on my feed. Here are a few brand collaborations with Instagram posts I’ve done this year:

2.   Pinterest Pins

Pinterest is one of my top social channels. Pinterest is responsible for 50% of my social traffic to my blog. My Pinterest account drives between 10 – 45 thousand monthly impressions. Recent studies showed that more than other platforms, Pinterest drives 3.8% more sales. It’s, therefore, no wonder that many businesses want their brands advertised here.

So do you have substantial traffic on Pinterest? Another great thing you can pitch to brands as a micro-influencer is to create some Pinterest pins on their goods and services.

3.   Twitch Livestream

Doing a live stream of a brand’s product on Twitch is another thing you can pitch to brands as a micro-influencer. Though Twitch is one of the least platforms used for marketing. In recent times it has continued to garner attention from brands.

Getting brand collaboration is therefore possible if you know your way around the platform. You can do this via Twitch live chats, advertisements, etc.

4.   TikTok Videos

With the #ad hashtag increasing by 130% on TikTok in 2020, this platform is fast becoming a hot cake for influencers. With over 600 million monthly users, brand collaboration on Tiktok is attainable.

It’s therefore a no-brainer that a TikTok video is an awesome thing to pitch to brands as a micro-influencer.

5.   Podcast Commercials

The podcast community boasts of over five hundred podcast shows. Recent studies show that in 2021, advertisers are expected to spend more than $500 million on podcast advertisements.

So if you have a podcast or are growing one, podcast advertisements is another thing you can pitch to brands as a micro-influencer.

6.   Blog Posts

This is one of the commonest things you can pitch to brands as a micro-influencer. It is also one of the most inexpensive ways to generate traffic to your blog. While doing this, ensure to use SEO strategies such as titles, meta description, and keywords.

Personally, I like writing blog posts for brands and accompanying that blog posts with social media posts. Here are a few brand collaborations with blog posts I’ve done:




7. YouTube Videos

With over 2.3 billion users as of 2020, YouTube is one of the most popular video platforms in the world. As a micro-influencer with a YouTube channel, this is an awesome pitching tool.

Many startup brands lack the funds to create videos for their products and services. Hence, they are in search of micro-influencers who can promote their brands at affordable prices.

8.   Instagram IGTV

If you are comfortable with making videos as a micro-influencer, then pitching IGTVs is yet another option. Whether it is an apartment tour, clothing haul, or make-up advert, all these sync with IGTV. It is therefore a great starting point for your influencer journey.

Here’s an example of an IGTV I did for Brainzyme a few months ago:

9.   Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn Posts

Many brands are looking to target a specific audience. This could be a Facebook, LinkedIn, or a Twitter audience. Hence, if you have a substantial following on any of these platforms, you can also pitch for brand collaboration on them.

With the outrageous charges from famous influencers, many brands are on the lookout for micro-influencers. Therefore, be encouraged, brand collaboration is very possible. Especially now that you know these 9 things that you can pitch to brands as a micro-influencer.

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Thank you for reading! I hope this list gave you some ideas you can pitch to brands as a micro-influencer.

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