7 Most Effective Ways to Manage Anxiety

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Did you ever notice this sign during an interview? Picture this, it is the first day at your job or presenting a proposal to a crowd or room full of people and this made you anxious. Fast heartbeat, sweaty palms while facing the overwhelming burden of undone tasks is the perfect sign of anxiety. Unfortunately, we never focus to manage our anxiety during initial times and face serious consequences later. To cope up with the anxiety disorder is as important as curing physical disabilities. Here we have mentioned various natural and effective ways that really help to manage anxiety.

       Smile, Breath and go Slowly ’’

7 Most Effective Tips to Manage Your Anxiety

Few Ways To Manage Anxiety

  • Take Long Breathe

Breathing in and breathing out is one of the easiest and most powerful techniques to normalize your heartbeat and calm yourself. Taking a breath for 4 seconds and throwing it out for the same duration naturally relaxes the mind’s nerves.

  • Go Out for a Walk

Going out for physical activity not just provides physical benefits but also has a great impact to treat anxiety. Physical activity turns your focus to body fitness and boosts mood instantly. Making exercise part of your daily routine can tackle anxiety problems in long term.

  • Start Writing Journal

Putting your thought on paper can empty your mind and provide clarity in the thought process. Sometimes we don’t have someone to listen to our mind illusions and that creates mind fog. This mind fog creates a sense of anxiety. Writing a journal is an alternative to Confidant Intimate. This is one of the best ways to treat anxiety and depression.

  • Surround yourself with Positive influence

We are what we listen to, watch and observe. When we surround ourselves with positive people, it has a magnificent impact on our thought patterns and defined values. We start thinking positively in every situation. The positive mind approach provides a road map to an anxious-free, stress-free and open mindset.

A healthy and positive mind has more power to tackle anxious situations.
  • Being Kind to Yourself

Protecting your thoughts from negative vibes is the major solution to anxiety. Considering yourself perfect creates anxious thoughts and those thoughts affect your positive mindset when you can’t meet that standard. Letting go of any bad incident, and moments of non-perfection creates ample space for healthy and positive behaviour. Accepting yourself as you are is key to a cheerful life.

  • Daily Meditation & Yoga Practice

Mindful Meditation and Yoga practices heal you from negative thoughts. While dealing with anxiety and stress mindful practices calm your mind and relief you from anxious thoughts. Take 30 Minutes a day for meditation and yoga practice, this will prove the best relief technique for anxiety.

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  • Add Gratitude in Life

Anxiety attracts is most of the time from any fear. Fear to lose anything, fear of not being perfect, fear of rejection are sources of anxious thoughts. Gratitude will replace fear with confidence. Abundance thoughts always provide ample confidence in personality. This could be an abundance of money, knowledge, and all blessing you have in life.

Anxiety’s main reason is our thought process. How we see things and how we react to various situations in our life is our behaviour. Through these above-given effective ways, we can create positive values and can manage our anxiety for the long term.

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  1. 8 April 2021 / 10:49 AM

    I love this. I find each of the steps outlined to be very true and most of which i personally practice. This article is so important.

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