Visiting Augsburg’s Iconic The Goldener Saal (The Golden Hall)

If you must know, Augsburg is one of the most prominent and oldest cities in Bavaria, Germany. I had taken the time to visit this place in search of a great content picture around Augsburg (don’t blame me, I am a blogger after all lol) and stumbled upon this outstanding place! The first impression, I was blown away by the entire look! I mean, it was rich and had lavish architecture!!

Today, it’s known as the Town Hall of Augsburg called the Augsburger Rathaus (in German) and it is a mandatory place to check out. Dope! Let’s dive right in!

On the second floor of the town hall, is the city’s awe-inspiring primary meeting hall called The Goldener Saal. 

The Back-Story of The Goldener Saal

The Goldener Saal (The Golden Hall) is the most prominent room in Augsburger Rathaus and marks the most iconic monuments rebuilt during the Germany Renaissance. The Goldener Saal is a double-height room and its ceiling is repleted with gold, sumptuous murals, and magnificent doorways make the hall a beauty to behold.

This hall is placed adjacent to the four Prince’s rooms (Fürstenzimmer) that are placed around the edges of the Goldener Saal. The Augsburg Town Hall was constructed between 1615 and 1624 and was designed and built by the then Stadtbaumeister (Master Builder of the town) Elias Holl. The hall was fully constructed by 1643 and covered an area of 552 square meters (5,940 sq ft) with a ceiling extended to 14 meters (46 ft).

Living in Augsburg

During World War II, an extensive bombing by the British took place in Augsburg and Augsburger Rathaus was hit multiple times by high explosive bombs that were incendiary and devastating in nature. The exterior of the building was completely burned and the Goldener Saal was destroyed in February 1944 owing to a direct bomb attack and only the exterior walls remained. When the Rathaus was reconstructed post the war, the Goldener wall was left only as a functional shell with small doors and wooden ceilings and was used as an exhibition space. For the 2000th anniversary of the city of Augsburg, a restoration project was undertaken to honor the city and the hall was completely renovated and embellished with a micro application of thin gold around portraits of prominent historical icons.

Today, everybody is welcome here!

Even though the Goldener Saal is currently being used for public festivals, ceremonies and receptions, the hall is open to the tourist when not in use. Every tourist to ever visit the great hall is bedazzled by the overwhelming beauty of the location and leaves them with the desire to visit the place again as early as possible because of spectacular craftsmanship deployed while designing the interior of the hall. The hall is open for visits during varied hours of the day and a small fee is charged from the tourists to ensure the cleanliness and maintenance of the monument. Most of the guided trips also include this monument in their itinerary so you can confirm with your trip advisor in case you haven’t already.   

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