White Republic Teeth Whitening Review

This blog post was made in collaboration with White Republic and all my opinions are my own.

Have you ever held back a laugh or smile because you felt conscious of your not-so-white teeth? Don’t worry, that could be your last experience. Thanks to the innovation of an awesome teeth whitening kit.

Recently, having bright-white teeth is the modern-day du jour. People now spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get that Hollywood smile. This is even more so after findings revealed that having white teeth can make a person look 5 years younger.

But then, what’s the point in spending hundreds of dollars on your dentist when there are amazing alternatives. Alternatives you can use from the confines of your home and whose results rival that of your doctor.

What Are the Best Ways to Whiten Your Teeth From Home

  1. Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

One of the ways to get your most desired white teeth is to use a teeth whitening toothpaste. They usually contain abrasives and chemicals like peroxide, sodium bicarbonate, and hydrated silica.

These polishing agents provide a quick fix for surface stains and make your teeth just one shade brighter. However, they cannot change the color of your teeth or remove hidden discolorations. 

  1. Whitening Strips and Gel Trays

This is yet another teeth whitening procedure. It works by applying a strip, mold, or gel tray containing hydrogen peroxide to your teeth. Depending on the strength of the gel, you can leave this for many minutes or hours.

However, whitening strips have been reported to increase teeth sensitivity. So preferably see a dentist before using this or watch out for it.  

  1. Whitening Light Devices

One of the most effective teeth whitening procedures is using whitening light devices. Here, you apply a whitening agent to your teeth. Then, a blue LED light is placed over it to increase its penetration into the teeth. 

This increases the teeth whitening process, thereby accelerating the result. It does not radiate any heat to the teeth. Likewise, it maintains your whitened teeth longer than other non-light teeth whitening procedures

Why White Republic is the Best Option For Teeth Whitening

Very often people damage their gum or increase their tooth sensitivity by using the wrong teeth whitening product. Thus, the importance of using a tested and approved teeth whitening product can never be overemphasized.

At White Republic, they know how hard it is to find a teeth whitening option that is effective and safe too. This is why at White Republic, they offer you a chance to have a brighter smile with the least stress.

White Republic is a premium and innovative at-home teeth whitening brand. It uses the highest-grade ingredients in its whitening gel formula. Their formula contains nothing other than premium quality products. 


The White Republic kit is designed with the safety of your teeth in view. The product is enamel-safe and the mouthpiece uses a safe LED light technology. More so, the gel is US Food and drug administration (FDA) approved.


The White Republic kit puts an end to all your trial and error efforts at teeth whitening. The Kit includes our whitening gel formula and LED light. 

In as little as 16 minutes, its result can be visible. Religiously using it for the next ten days is guaranteed to make your teeth 2-6 shades brighter.

Takes Care of Sensitivity

Concerned about its effect on your sensitive gum? Bother no more. The White Republic kit comes with a desensitizing gel. This gel seals the dentin tubules and microcracks of your enamel. 

It strengthens it while returning minerals and vitamins to your teeth. Thereby reducing sensitivity in your soon-to-be pure white teeth.

Have you given up smoking, coffee, or red wine? Getting back your white teeth is still a possibility. And guess what! You need not have loaded pockets before you can do so.

Teeth whitening has never been made easier. White Republic offers you a cheap, safe, and effective way to get your white teeth back‘. So go ahead and give yourself this treat. You sure deserve it!

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