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✨ Life at 29 years old seems to be a little odd for me right now. This year we’ve experienced a massive worldwide lockdown that neither of us expected nor anticipated, –– at least I didn’t. I will be honest to admit that for the first time in my life I felt disoriented, fearful, and lost. Being a woman who always had everything planned out right in my life, this pandemic hit me hard that it gave me plenty of time to reflect and ponder. Some days are good while some days were filled with dark uncertainties of what the future might hold for me.

#1 Never take life for granted. 

I decided to step into studying and majoring in Psychology with Honours by taking a leap of faith. I’ve always wanted to study psychology, it’s been my passion for as long as I’ve known. I wasn’t born into rich families where parents give away everything to their children. I am one of the girls that had to make sure our family is well supported before I could pursue my ambition. While some laughed at me and said, ‘you’d rather be married off and be a good mom’ or ‘why waste your time now – you’re getting older’ although for many this might sound discouraging as ever, I never let this get pass my mind not even for once. Yet when the pandemic hit (aaaand with a lot of time at hand), I wondered what if everyone else is right? Am I too old to get that degree I always wanted? 

That’s when it hit me hard. I visioned my life of going to the university or sitting in the library and have the wholesome experience of being outdoors and living university life for years and when it’s finally happening, I am just indoors, the excitement feels different. But through these past months of the pandemic and reading news of people passing away because of this disease, I should be grateful to be alive and still have the chance to study from home and make it happen in my life.

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Social media is also a dark place to compare our lives.

#2 Never compare your life with someone else’s.

HAVE you ever wondered when you scroll through your feed and you see everyone else gets ahead with life except for you? I know I had before. It’s only through years of experience in life I understood that one should NEVER compare their life with someone else’s. We have our set of journeys and our race and end line always differ from the rest of the world. What I may go through today probably someone is dealing with their own issues their way. 

Every endurance taught me patience. Every hardship taught me perseverance, every failure taught me hope and every sadness taught me strength. Although everything seems different right now, I’d like to count my blessings one by one. 

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#3 Be grateful and counting your blessing. 

After years of leaving school, let’s say 10 years inexact, I passed with a CGPA of 4 in the first semester. Instead of sulking by staying home and studying, I am grateful for the results of my studies. Secondly, I’ve collaborated with brands more than I ever had in the past years of my blogging career during a pandemic. That’s just a dream come true! And lastly, stuck at home with my niece is the most beautiful joy I can ever get.

Through every setback is a comeback. 

This ‘new normal’ life may seem like it’s just the beginning of something good that’s coming at me in life and I know through everything God has been good and will be good to give me all the strength I need in overcoming situations.

staying hopeful for the unknown future

While every other blogger might seem to share about self-love, self-care, or mindfulness during this pandemic which is all good, I just wanted to share with you that it’s ok to embrace our fears because when we own up to our feelings, we become real with ourselves. One of the key valuable lessons I’ve learned during this life-changing pandemic is that when our plans don’t really go in the direction we want, we need to accept the reality and keep looking for solutions then dwelling on the missed opportunities. And by doing so, it shows maturity in handling a changed life.

Cherisha XOXO

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