I Got COVID-19 and Made a Full Recovery —Here’s What It Was Like

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We are living in difficult times and the COVID-19 virus has claimed so many lives in the last two years. However, while the coronavirus is deadly it’s important to remember that it is not a death sentence for most people. Many people have stories of recovery to tell and here’s mine. 

I am a person who took every precaution pertaining to the pandemic very seriously – washing hands under running water for 2 seconds, sanitizing my space, washing my groceries items or wearing a mask while maintaining my 5-metre social distancing in a public area. I was extremely cautious and followed all the rules religiously but no matter how much I did my best when it happens – it happens. 

Let me start by saying, I am fully vaccinated with Pfizer shot and yet, I was contracted. 

Getting contracted with COVID-19 

my covid recovery story

The last week of February was quite trying. My youngest brother was infected with COVID-19, and I was responsible for his care, medical needs & chores, plus I was in close contact with him every day since. The stress of managing the house, running errands while attending Psyche classes was all too heavy on me, yet I managed to press through with my days.

However, a day before I was tested positive I did felt tired. My body was totally worn out. I thought it was probably because I ‘overworked myself’ so I slowed down on the house chores and tried to stay relaxed, but I knew something was up when I started feeling achy around my body. My body began to shiver at room temperature – and we know that’s it is not normal to feel cold in a tropical climate (Malaysia) where the sun is always at 28°C. 

On March 5th, I became sick. As in seriously, seriously sick. It was the first time I’d ever had a high heated fever with chills, so much so that I couldn’t even walk up the stairs or sit up straight. I had a feeling it might be covid in the back of my mind, so I mentally prepared myself and affirmed that ‘everything will be alright.’ The only thing I wanted to do is recover from the fever first and the rest can wait.

Truly, handling the situation one at a time helped. I set my alarm every 4 hours to forcefully get up and have 2 paracetamols through the night. And miraculously by morning, the fever subsided. 


The morning also brought a terrible sore throat, headache, deep dry coughs, and runny nose. And I absolutely despised this part. I was lying down the most part. I constantly felt tired although I slept in for a good 7 hours. 

From being an active person to falling sick can be really challenging. Especially having the coronavirus was not something that I anticipated. I’m just grateful that my symptoms were mild and not too serious. 

What I did to Heal and Recover from COVID-19

* What I am about to share had worked well for me, and might differ from person to person so do check-in with your allergies history/doctor before following my routine. 

First of all, I isolated myself in my room. Whenever I walked out to the living room, I wore my mask at all times to protect the other family member that was present in the house. Remember to always protect the people you love too.

Next, I religiously ✨ followed through a few measures to heal from this virus. Here’s what I’ve done: 

  • I took vitamin C, D and zinc every morning. 
  • I inhaled menthol crystal every three times a day. Steam inhalation helps to improve breathing and loosen mucus inside the airways and lungs. 
  • I boiled and drank turmeric milk every night before sleep. 
  • I took the ayurvedic ‘kaddukai’ herb drink. It helps in boosting my immune system. 
  • Apart from vit C, I boiled orange, ginger, lemon, cinnamon stick with ‘star anise’ and drink them after my meal. 
  • Practised 1-minute breathing exercise every day since. 

My Personal Care Regime 🎒

eating healthy is one thing I would do to make my life much better
  • I sanitized my space every day and wash all my clothes and bedsheets after 5 days. 
  • I used a separate sponge to wash my plates and mug and did not mix my sponge with the family’s. 
  • After each usage of utensils, I boiled a large pot of water and soak all my utensils in hot temperate to kill the germs.
  • I dispose of my room rubbish every morning.
  • Ever heard of an oximeter? I would check on my oxygen level using this device to be alerted over my day-to-day condition. In mild cases of COVID-19 and for those who self-treat at home, the oximeter can be a helpful tool for checking oxygen levels so that low oxygen levels can be caught early. 
  • Lastly, every night before I sleep I would gargle using betadine mouthwash. 

This may seem like a lot of work but it honestly helped me heal within a week. And I hope it helps you too. Currently, I am experiencing post covid symptoms like extreme fatigue only. 

📍Check-in with your mental health

As a psychology student, I know how negative news could impact one’s mental health. I mean it’s natural to feel worried over what the disease may do to my health because of all the devastating stories I’ve heard about COVID-19. So I refrained from social media completely and avoid reading any information pertaining to the coronavirus. Any stuff that was related to the virus was a complete NO from my end. 

Always communicate your emotions to people you trust. Be truthful to them. Ensure that these are people who will support you, challenge you, and will not allow you to sit in when you are in a negative cycle.

Dear readers, 

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned this past week is, our health is our absolute wealth. Appreciate small things around you, and a little “shukr” and a lot of “sabr” is what we all need in life. 

I’ve learned the significance of the ‘today’ that I have in my life. Thus, rather than waiting for the right moment in life, we must accept that ‘today’ is all we have. Go with the flow of life.   While I recognise that some circumstances are beyond our control, we can always do the best with what we have today. Focus exclusively on yourself while you recover. The world can wait. 

Keep Looking Ahead 🙏🏽

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