Celebrating The Body Shop Malaysia’s 40 Years of the White Musk


To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the white musk® fragrance, the body shop has given its bestselling scent a reboot. Plus, there are some innovative new additions joining the musk family too.

Seemingly small acts of self-love (like spritzing on your favourite fragrance) can lead to big changes. White Musk® is a fresh, subtle scent with powerful effects. You don’t just wear it, it’s a part of you, to remind you all day of your self-love, self-expression and strength.

With notes of jasmine and lily of the valley, it’s a little floral, a little musky. Long-lasting with a light touch. Its notes awaken sensuality and confidence.

And that’s powerful. Sexuality and self-confidence are complex, beautiful, multi-faceted, ever-changing things and it’s time that they were celebrated. We wear White Musk® every day because it reminds us that we have the power to define ourselves. Your body, your power. Everything starts with you. Fall back in love or discover the signature scent of a generation.


Developed in 1981, the White Musk® scent was one of the first fragrances specially blended for The Body Shop. Not only was it an instant bestseller, but it was revolutionary in the perfume world; it represented a landmark in the fragrance industry as it was one of the first to pioneer synthetic, cruelty-free musk in replacement of animal-derived musk, which is extracted from the civet deer via cruel and painful methods.

In 2021, The Body Shop has taken it one ethical step further, as it’s now registered as vegan, it comes in a 100% recyclable bottle, which is made of 42% recycled glass and has a removable pump (for recycling ease). Plus, there’s no unnecessary or secondary packaging (a box).


Virtual Launch of The Body Shop Malaysia’s White Musk

When the White Musk® fragrance launched in 1981, it broke the codes of perfumery and pioneered cruelty-free musk. It is an icon of The Body Shop and became the signature scent of a generation.

Over the years The Body Shop extended the fragrance family by blending cruelty-free musks with complementary ingredients. Today there’s a variety of musks with various notes to appeal to every type of nose.


Wear your signature scent in a brand new way. The Body Shop is introducing three new fragrance toppers, specially created to be layered on top of the original White Musk ®, so that you can customise your scent. Make your fragrance fit every element of you – made for every mood. Choose from:

the new White Musk Lover

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