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5 Reasons Why Warm Shower Is Good For You

Soaking ourselves in water, whether in a bathing tub or in a natural body of water is something we do for both personal hygiene, leisure, and health. There is nothing more enjoyable than going for a swim in the ocean on a warm day or having a hot fragrant bath in the cooler months. Warm showers, warm tubs, and saunas use heat to improve a number of body aches, issues, and elements. If you ever thought that taking a shower was just part of your morning routine, think again.

I love soaking up in the bathtub and just enjoy the warmth

A warm shower not only feels good, but it can also be beneficial to your health. The key is not to stay in there too long, as it can dry out your skin. But five to 10 minutes under hot water can work wonders for your body, muscles, joints and overall mood.

Here are some of the therapeutic effects of warm showers on our bodies.

Cleanses your skin

Clogged pores can lead to blemishes and a buildup of toxins in the skin. Warm water and steam open the pores on your skin, making it easier to clean and release impurities. It will open your pores and let your skin breathe so that it is ready to receive treatments and make the most of your skincare routine.

Decrease Stress and Insomnia

A warm shower is a natural sedative. If you are stressed or have trouble sleeping, taking a warm shower for 10 minutes calms your body, mind and nerves. It will reduce stress levels by helping you focus on the water and heat and not your problems. Adding lavender oil will help because this is a natural relaxation herb.

Relieve Stiff Neck and Shoulders

Aside from massage, a warm shower is the next best thing for a stiff neck or shoulder pain. Letting warm water run over this area for 10 minutes will relax the muscles. Doing some easy neck and shoulder rolls while in the shower will further loosen these muscles. You’ll feel better in no time.

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Improves Your Sleep

A warm bath before bed can yield a good night’s rest. It can make you sleep better by relaxing your muscles and helping you to rid your mind of bothersome thoughts.

Improves Blood Circulation

The heat will get your blood moving, which is not only great for circulation (more on that later) but can also help sore or tight muscles to relax. The addition of Epsom salts in your warm bath has been proven to help reduce inflammation in your joints caused by arthritis or other muscular diseases.

Isn’t it amazing how some of the most simple things in life can give us such amazing benefits? Like how taking a good soak in a hot shower or bath, for example, has so many benefits for our mind, body, and skin, it’s about time we learn about why we should start taking more of them.

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