The Fear Of Living Up To Your Dreams

The biggest tragedy of mankind happens- when you simply don’t live up to your dreams. Why? Fear, for the unknown & for who they are or ought to be. Because they fear of challenges.

You probably would have heard people saying, ‘go for your dreams…. follow your passion no matter where it leads’. And then, at one point in time in your life, you gather up the courage with 100% hope and decided to jump right at it! -You quit your job, become what you intend to be and lastly change your way of living.

But is it worth the risk? There are 3 important possibilities or rather lesson that I’ve encountered while chasing for my dreams:

  1. Be prepared to fail.
  2. People will think you’ve gone nuts.
  3. You will be broke.

So let’s make a reality check, what happens when you fail? When quitting your job left you broke, no one wants to acknowledge your work, and your dream job turns you down? You are left feeling devastated, defeated and a little bitter toward all those people who told you to go for it. It didn’t work. What then?

I’m no stranger to failure though. So don’t worry if you think you are alone in this area of your life, I’m with you too. It took me a solid 5 years to find my inner dreams. There are times I wanted to be a journalist, then the season changed to being a kindergarten teacher or even an astronaut! Phew, I tell you. It wasn’t easy until I went for a field trip. That changed my entire life. Something happened that changed everything.

It was a sunny bright day, and I’m out with a group of social workers -my mind kept thinking to myself, what am I even doing in this boat? In a rural village of Asia? Leaving behind my comfortable life. While these thoughts were lingering on my mind, I saw a group of children playing and so I decided to sit along with them. The more I spent time with them, the more I got myself drawn to the current life I’m living. While I’m here confused about the unknown, these children are happy! In fact, all the villagers were happy.

Green leaves were falling down from the trees, spiraling to the ground. Brilliantly blue sky painted clouds. I could feel the sun on my face. I could feel happy vibes in the air. And as I sat there, with none of my dreams coming true, I realized that it doesn’t matter if they never do. I am alive, healthy, and free. I have people who love me. And I have the capacity to be grateful for this life and the ability to even contemplate following my dreams, let alone throw everything I’ve got into the fray.

I’ve finally found my dreams – I love being around kids (that explains why I wanted to be a teacher!). In fact, I always lend my support to helping orphan kids, teaching every Sunday in my church. I would listen to the cry of their little heart and boost the motivation into themselves. Then, after years of procrastinating, I finally pursued my dream. I decided to become a Child Psychologist. To my surprise, I saw success far more quickly than expected: How did I reach out to more people? I launched a blog (Inspired by Cherisha) and found my true fans—all within a year.

How did this happen? Simple. I believed in the dream before it happened. I didn’t wait for fear to go away; I started living into the reality I was longing for. If you’re going to live and lead intentionally, you’ll have to do the same.

Declare it. Believe it. Do it. 

At some point in time, I wasn’t going to let other people’s negativity stop me from following my dream. Yes, you could mess up in a hundred different ways. But—this is important—you could also succeed. You could start living into your calling, you’re robbing the world of a gift. A gift of following your dreams and the satisfaction along the way-Wonderful and empowering and exciting and all those things that make living worthwhile.

Success is at the end of every journey. You might have to take a thousand steps to get there, but you will get there. And the ONLY way to get there is one step at a time.

Remember: The only way you lose – is when you stop.

I’d love to hear your take on your pursued dreams in spite of fear topic in the comments below.

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  1. visheshmarin
    3 January 2017 / 1:14 AM

    First of all, the newer face of your blog looks great.
    Never knew that you are a child psychologist untill you mentioned in here.
    I had a dream of becoming a public speaker and then it finally materialized depite my own fears and hindrances. I was very much determined to make my voice a source of inspiration to people.
    The most

  2. 3 January 2017 / 3:29 PM

    It can take a lot of time to understand what fits best with your personality. I’m so glad you found your dream! My mother was in her 60s when she began teaching writing at a local college. She found out she loved teaching. She had never known that before. My dream as a young girl was to be a mother. Lol But honestly, that is what I’ve been drawn to and love to do – take care of children – my own and my grandchildren. I used to wish I had a career that made lots of money, but I see that what I did with my life was good for me and good for the children.

  3. 3 January 2017 / 3:57 PM

    I totally love the way you describe your story Belle! Well, you did achieve your dreams and to be honest it’s not easy to be a mother. It comes with so much of responsibilities and commitment -and I have the utmost respect for you Belle.

  4. 3 January 2017 / 3:57 PM

    That is very sweet of you to say. Thank you.

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