It’s been a while since my last blog ….

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Sipping my hot black coffee while writing this blog post thinking what am I to share with each one of you today. I know it’s been a while since I last checked you guys in, there was just too much going on in this world that I had to take a pause and focus on the good. I just hope and pray you are safe at home, keeping up the ‘new normal’ life that we are currently and maintaining social distancing as promised. So, let’s begin, shall we?

It’s been an amazing 3 months for me, I am finally studying again! The whole experience of becoming a student in my late 20’s has filled my emotions big time! anxiousness, excitement, worries you name it girl… I am all caught up! It was a long-time decision for me especially when I was seeking what I truly like and by far I am very happy with my journey and DON’t regret it one bit. I’m currently at the end of semester 1 and will be sitting for my final exams soon enough, oh how time flies. So you could already see why I haven’t blogged for a while now … pstttttt those late-night studies replaced my writing time but I am getting better at managing my schedule.

Apart from studies, I’m adapting my lifestyle into becoming an aunty for 2 lovely nieces and one amazing nephew. This joy is surreal, I honestly felt life has changed for better. It has always been an individualistic lifestyle for me personally but now having families giving me the benefit of becoming an aunty is an upgrade in itself. Have you ever felt this joy?

With the restriction movement order loosen up a little, I am able to once again go out and experience life outside of my very own home. It’s not that my house is suffocating but the outdoors provides radiating energy to my soul especially while driving out on a loooooooong winding road surrounded with nature. The very first trip I made with my mom is to the grocery store, feel free to watch me picking out random stuff just to vlog LOL. Post COVID-19, a trip to do a weekly grocery shop seems like an adventure of its own! Before we know it, we’ve (reluctantly) let go of our old normal and now settling into what seems to be our new normal.

Grocery shopping vlog with my mom

What else? Well, I had the time to finish up 2 books that were close to my heart… The Diary of a Young girl – Anne Frank, Chicken Soup for the Romantic Soul and listening to TedTalks at 6 AM in the morning. It was probably the best way to escape reality for a while. AND you will not believe it guys, I edited so many videos in these 3 months for my Youtube channel and even I paused and asked myself ‘who are you girl?’ haha, I’d like to think I took a good pause to reflect and to create visual content because I’ve been truly neglecting my Youtube channel over 2 years now. I should have gotten at least 2 K subscribers HA-HA!!! but, oh well …..

Lastly, the gratitude I have over brand and makeup collaborations is massive. Even though this pandemic has sort of slowed down the blogging industry, I’m super glad for the amazing opportunity to finally work with Kiehl’s Malaysia, Natura Malaysia, The Body Shop Malaysia, Benefit Cosmetics (finaaaaaally) and newly with the Laura Mercier Malaysia team! Apart from brand collaborations, I also had the chance to be a model for 2 extinguish makeup artist. So it was a great experience throughout. My take away life lessons? When we start focusing on the good, goodness comes knocking at our door. We gotta keep up with the attitude and learn the newness of life.

I’m running out of words but hey, I’m doing great. Till we meet Next time? I promise I won’t be away long for 3 months, also come say hi on my Instagram!

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