Before the Coffee Gets Cold

Believe it or not, I’m actually sitting at Starbucks with a cold cup of coffee. Not lukewarm, but cold. The kind you have to throw out because it’s not even the slightest bit palatable. I want to blame this on the cold temperature but honestly, it has more to do with me letting it sit too long.

Before the coffee gets cold, you better get to it

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the cup of coffee life gives us — inspiration so to speak, that we let sit and get cold. We are constantly in the notion of waiting on things to happen, the right time to appear, or for luck to give us a head start. I’ve been waiting on the right time to actually write an article here or anywhere for the longest time and so, I get it.

I understand that our thoughts are constantly bombarded by the what-ifs, self-doubts, rejections, and failures. But I think in the midst of all that noise, the biggest hindrance to our self’s potential is the standstill. That point of focus where we pause and consider but fail to act.

outside of Lisette cafe, Kuala Lumpur
There is only now and us as we are

It’s the moment we convince ourselves that the idea, dream, whatever we’re longing for will always be present and readily available, waiting for us. This is where we convince ourselves that we have time. And in doing so the inspiration slowly gets cold. It loses its taste, its strength until we no longer have the desire to act on it and so we toss it out.

Here’s the thing though: we won’t ever have the perfect blueprint set out for us. Sometimes we won’t have one at all, and that’s okay. So what are we waiting on? The beauty in the journey is allowing the unknown to unfold, however, that may be. But we have to put in the work. We have to give ourselves permission to get going.

There is no right or wrong time to our goals. There isn’t a clear, direct path either. There is only now and us as we are. Results are built and cultivated through us making the move and maintaining the will to follow through, regardless of knowing what the outcome may be. The moment we’ll be ready is now.

So that thing you’re thinking about, the idea you’re contemplating, the person you’re yearning to become, is sitting waiting. The coffee is getting cold. How long you will let it sit, is entirely up to you.

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