6 Ways To Tame Your Thoughts

Most of us would always have private conversations with ourselves – that soft and still voice that speaks to us in measures. But do you know that your inner monologue will either fuel your success or demonstrate your downfall?

When you think that, I’m never getting this job’ at the back of your mind – In the middle of an interview conversation, you’ll struggle to present yourself confidently. As you walk into a room filled with people in a ballroom dinner and tell yourself No one will talk to me’  You may feel anxious and not approachable.  We all have our constant conversation soundtrack in our heads. On most occasions, it’s harmless and very helpful especially when you remind yourself to do something beneficial however if your inner voice takes a detour, you’ll need to tame it. 


See, in this world, there are no such things as PERFECTIONThe sooner you understand this concept, the better you’ll be. We all have our weaknesses and strengths. It’s good to invest your time focused on your strength because your thoughts will be positive and gratifying. It’s good to correct your weakness but if you only choose to focus on your weakness, you’d be spending your life feeling that you can never measure up. 


One of the biggest reasons is when people don’t take responsibility for their lives, instead, they blame someone else for the failures that take place in their lives. There is always a choice to make a change to happen so create your life, take responsibility for it. Period. 


Journaling keeps you mindful. It is an opportunity to express your: random thoughts, day-to-day activities, intimate dreams & hopes and even your diet details! It not only improves your objectivity and critical thinking, but it also increases your accountability & keeps you on track. Capturing your thoughts and feelings in writing keeps them from bouncing around your mind. It allows you to move on to catch a new breath every day. 


Most low self-esteem talks come from harsh self-judgment. Sometimes our judgment is misinterpreted and our thoughts will be wrapped into negativity. So think again before judging yourself. My personal take – ask others how they see you and listen to what they say. You’ll be surprised! Doing this you’re able to set yourself up for betterment.


Have you ever noticed how you speak to yourself? Often times, we are attracted to negative thoughts and judgmental vibes – (mostly) none of us would ever speak to anyone the way we speak to ourselves. Therefore, it’s important to treat yourself with compassion and respect. Read positive quotes as it uplifts your spirit and changes your mind on the situation that you’re in.. I would place a ‘post-it’ notes that have a positive word and affirmation onto it on my mirror as a reminder to be positive at all times! 


Just because something happened to you in the past doesn’t make it true today. In the present here and now, you are more skilled, more qualified to be doing what you need to do. Any thoughts and beliefs about yourself from the past no longer pertain. Some things we have to leave in the past while we work on being successful for the future.


Your life is the perfect mirror of your thoughts and dominant mental attitude. You are already creating your reality and life through your thoughtful power. There are two things that prevent us from positivity & happiness: #1 living in the past and #2 treating yourself negatively! Don’t be guilty of either, learn to tame your negative thoughts so you think about a positive future. 


  1. 20 November 2016 / 3:51 PM

    Big thoughts Beautifully presented..

  2. visheshmarin
    20 November 2016 / 5:35 PM

    “Treating yourself with compassion and respect”, very nicely put. Little did I know that treating yourself with respect can change the way how you treat the others.

  3. 20 November 2016 / 5:40 PM

    It makes a huge difference, trust me! Remember, that our thoughts are designed powerfully therefore shaping it is very essential for our well-being.

  4. visheshmarin
    20 November 2016 / 5:47 PM

    I take that.

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