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What's Inner Beauty?

So what’s this inner beauty that everyone is talking about? Is it a kind of beauty that’s on the inside and only a mere imagination?

Inner beauty is often described as one’s characteristics that are experienced through a person’s nature rather than the appearance. ‘Inner beauty is often reflected as in how we present ourselves to the world,’ says Vivian Diller, a New York – based former model turned psychologist with a research focus on the psychologist of beauty. So what’s your inner beauty, let’s find it out ….!


1 – Be Generous

Be generous. As simple as it sounds -this is the reality. Being generous will enhance the perception you receive for what you give. Get yourselves to volunteer in your nearest shelter home – sponsor/tutor a child, donate for a worthy cause. Trust me, lending a hand to the needy does a lot of good in your own life and of what you share with others too. Now, that’s what I call B.E.A.U.T.Y.

2 – Know Your Worth (KYW)

Look into the mirror today and own your self-believe and confidence. If you feel beautiful, your inner beauty will fill your thoughts with positive energy. Instead of finding your image, focus on your three favorite features and earn your worth up! If you still feel like there’s a flaw holding you back, learn to overcome it. Be bold, love yourself.

3 – Push the NEGATIVITY away

With the fashion world globalizing, you may think a generous physique or a ‘V’ shaped face makes one attractive. However, researches found that whatever you focus on, shapes your brains – A positive attitude goes a long way to fixing your self image. Eliminate your negative thoughts about your body because your thinking becomes stronger and habitual. So reverse your mind and tell yourself that ‘You are beautiful’. Easy isn’t it ?

4 – SMILE More 

Appreciate your best assets that’s plastered on your face. Go ahead and smile, appreciate this gift of life without any sarcasm or wrong thinking as this will give your life a fine purpose of living. Remember, outer beauty can give you a glance, so smile with your heart cause it’s the inner reflection that makes someone to stay.

5 – Be the REAL beauty that YOU are

You are beautiful if you truly believe that you are. What everyone sees is the reflection of who you are on the inside. Feel and embrace yourself – go out there, there’s a whole world waiting for the beautiful you. Appreciate the little things around you – It gives a feeling of pure that will definitely create deep satisfaction.

Beauty is just a perception that begins from within. So stop worrying about your outer beauty because ‘beauty fades’ with time. Inner beauty is one thing that will never change. So think of the ways you can mark your footprints on this world with a positive manner.

Bea-YOU-tiful !

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  1. Vishesh
    16 November 2016 / 1:45 AM

    I have found that your thoughts are very practical in your writings and that reflect your daily attitude towards the world. As I take the pleasure of reading your topics, would you mind writing about whether quantity time or quality time with your family and loved ones is important or latter?

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