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Augsburg City | My Bavarian Adventure

Augsburg is my second home. I have been to this beautiful Bavarian state three times now in each consecutive year and stayed longer than any tourist suppose to be (with visa off course) and it never fails to impress me. Augsburg may sound a little jargon right now so what’s Augsburg? It’s a city in Germany under the Bavaria state, quite old-fashioned and the third-largest after Munich and Nuremberg.

It is my personal pleasure staying around Augsburg during this phase of my life and while I enjoy my stay, I also learned quite more about this city and although Augsburg is not one of the most popular and touristic cities in Germany, it surprised me positively and it is certainly worth a visit. I will break each experience into a separate article so today I will focus on the city by itself.

What I’ve Seen In Augsburg?

Augsburg Vlog

The Rathausplatz

The Rathausplatz is Augsburg city’s most prominent central square, most of the city life activity happens right here. In this place, you can find yourselves to the town hall, the Perlach Tower, coffee shops and enjoy beautiful views of the city.

Augsburg City Town Hall
Strolling through Rathausplatz street and right behind me is the Perlach tower

The Perlach Tower

So here’s the trick, The Perlach tower, St Peter’s Church or Perlach Church are all one and at the same place. In the beginning, I was confused at first when I first discovered the city because I thought these places were all in a different location but to my surprise, they are all in one place and definitely worth the visit. Now, the Perlach Tower is my frequent place to visit every Sunday.

The landmark of it, around Rathausplatz and history, has it that the St Peter’s Church OR Perlach Church is a Romanesque Catholic church in the center of Augsburg city. The tower of the church, the Perlachturm is together with the Augsburg Town Hall the landmark of Augsburg.

The architecture inside the St Ulrich und Afra church
Snowy, snowy outside the church

St Ulrich und St Afra

This was the first place I visit when I landed in Germany the first time. It was a snowy winter day during March and it was a beautiful sight to remember. The St Ulrich und Afra Named after the patron saints of Augsburg, St. Ulrich and St. Afra was originally a Catholic basilica of late Gothic architecture with Renaissance tower and onion dome. It is very interesting both inside and outside the church. It is located at the end of Maximilianstrasse and it is definitely worth a visit.

The Maximilianstrasse street statue

The Maximilianstrasse

Maximilianstrasse is the central road that crosses the old town of Augsburg. In this street are some famous city hotels, restaurants and also not forgetting the beautiful fountain of Hercules. I would like to call this place the ‘nightlife’ city center. During evening days, the loud kinds of music from the night clubs occupy this place making it livelier than it is during the day. Also, beware of the tram rail vehicle that runs on tramway tracks along public urban streets in Augsburg city. It is quite interesting for me honestly!

There is so much more to share about the city but for now, I am going to stop my writing here until we meet again in my next article. Thank you for reading!

Have you been to Augsburg? What’s your take on this beautiful small town city in the Bavarian state?

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