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I am a candle person. I started using candles when I took meditation seriously, it was almost like I want a ‘new atmosphere‘ to breathe in while I meditate. To evoke the most important senses of past times linked to nostalgic memories. Why women love candles again? Because it all comes down to imagination, dreams, and nostalgia that is so close to our hearts. My boyfriend always asks me, “what is it about candles that make you drop $30 on wax and glass?”. While his question makes sense, like A-LOOOT of sense but again what compels us women about the idea of buying a product with a short-term benefit?

Here are 4 reasons why candles are good for meditation

Scented candles are the best form of relaxation

It relaxes the soul and mind

One of the best things I like about lighting up my house and room with a candle is the energy it gives me. When I light up a few well-placed candles in my home, it creates a cozy and intimate atmosphere and instantly makes me feel warm and welcoming. The flame of a candle creates a subtle light that brings a magical, relaxed atmosphere that allows you to move in place and travel through time. Candles bring fleeting memories. We associate them with warmth, love and most importantly home. The warmth emanating from the flame of a candle gives a feeling of comfort and cosines, just as a warm blanket or coffee served to bed in the morning. Those that notice small pleasures like this oftentimes lead a happier life.

Peaceful aromatherapy

Have you ever noticed the aroma when you walk into a wellness center? The first that comes into my mind is lemongrass, a gingery essential oil with a touch of lavender. That’s because this scent triggers the physical mind and reminds us of body relaxation, just like the ones in Thai Odyssey. In my candle stock, I always have these 2: An orange citrus scent because they are great for boosting energy and lavender, it’s mostly associated with relaxing and aiding in sleep.

Amber candle from H&M Home

Prayer, meditation, and reading

I noticed that lighting up candles during meditations or prayer and even reading is a wonderful way to support my practices. As you know, there are many visualization exercises and manifestation techniques that involve focusing on the flame of a burning candle while sending your intentions into the universe. Besides whenever I visited my grandmother’s church, candles were used during prayers at the altar and this adapted with me throughout my adulthood. Another option is settling on the couch with a good book or watch a movie with lit scented candles to find some “me time” and escape.

Escape to comfort 

Stress is everywhere.  From high demanding jobs with ridiculous deadlines or dealing with annoying co-workers/customers that try your last nerve to busy family schedules where you never know if you are coming or going, is it possible to escape stress?  While vacations are nice, dropping everything to travel isn’t easy.  The solution most people are turning to is scented candles in order to escape from everyday chaos.  A 10-15 minute bath surrounded by scented is a great way to de-stress.  

my mindful morning meditation routine
Currently I am using the Fresh Cotton scented candles from H&M Home.

Alright, I am coming there. So to answer my boyfriend’s question as to why I like getting candles over and over and over again every month? I’ve concluded that women are creatures of fantasy. We wrap ourselves up in dreams, fairytales, and illusions, imagining lives we only wish we could have. In our plans for the future, the sun always shines, we smile frequently and we are surrounded by family and friends. Everything is perfect. We like to dream because it brings us positive emotions and relief. The world of fantasy does not judge, does not limit, we have complete control over it.

Women are also very in tune with their senses. We appreciate the sweet smells of lilac and rose petals. We bask in lavenders and vanillas. We understand the appeal of gingerbread and pine-scented holiday candles. There’s a sense of nostalgia that comes with buying a candle, knowing it has the ability to transport you to a time and a place, to evoke memories of times past.

Here are my 2 favorite candle choices:

  1. Yankee Candle: Ocean Breeze
  2. H&M Home Candle: Fresh Cotton, Amber

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