Visiting The Handicapped School in Malaysia

The children in this vlog/video belong to the Ecliptic Children Centre (where I've been volunteering) and it is with their permission and consent I took the video. This video copyright belongs to me and any misuse/misconduct of my video will result in lawsuits and copyright issues. Kindly DO NOT steal pictures and video material of my blog without my permissions.

I had the privilege to work & volunteer in various charity homes across Malaysia and this is one of my most fulfilling experiences of my journey. Last year, I worked in a handicapped home and the SAMH, the Selangor Association for Mentally Handicapped (SAMH) Klang had invited me to visit their school and I got to meet outstanding children with many talents. Watch the full journey below.

Azlan *changed the name to protect the child’s identity during his creativity timetable at school

The day started off early at 10 AM, where I arrived at the school and the teachers had briefed me about the school environment, children and what to expect, as the name of the school gave away, it is a school for the mentally challenged children that consists off, Down’s Syndrome, ADHD, Autism, speech & hearing impaired and other disorders. The school’s primary aim is to provide education and training to mentally handicapped children and adults so that they will be helped, to the fullest extent possible in reaching their maximum potential. It is their hope to provide a comprehensive service to children and adults with mental handicaps to improve their quality of life.

What does SAMH do?

  • The activities of the Association are directed at securing an improvement in the general welfare of mentally handicapped children /persons regardless of the degree of handicap, its cause or classification, and whether or not the child /person lives at home or in an institution.
  • They secure all handicapped children/persons the benefits of care, treatment, education, and training appropriate to their disability
  • To promote and stimulate research into the cause, cure prevention of mentally handicapped and into the development of locally appropriate methods of treatment, education and vocational training of handicapped/persons.
  • To encourage parents of mentally handicapped children/persons to be members of the Association in the interest of their mentally handicapped children/persons.

I had a great time understanding the school’s concept and the things they are doing to keep the children healthy and active. They had a physiology room to help wheelchaired children, I personally think the children at the Ecliptic centre Klang has got a great school for the children to learn. The initiates are great. If anyone of you plan on visiting the SAMH school, kindly call them before visiting, I believe they will be delighted to have you as their guest.

Thank you Selangor Association for Mentally Handicapped (SAMH) Klang

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