4 Ways Toward Perfume Longevity

Who doesn’t love perfumes? My boyfriend always tells me, ‘to feel good, you gotta smell good babe‘. And he was right, it is one of the few keys that can unlock and invite you into a memory, with one note transporting you to a specific place, event, person, or period of time.

A scent is the most powerful memory trigger. And I think it’s great how a scent or your signature scent adds to who you are (face-to-face) and that’s probably one of the ways that people recognize you. Just one small trace of a scent can take your mind right back to a specific place, event, the person you come across in your life or a froze memory of the past. When I started working in the bank, I met this girl who by now became one of my good friends, she always wore Gucci by Flora on her. The smell was just too sweet and floral based that exactly represented her! This scent will always bring me back to memories that explain to where I am in my life right now and how our friendship blossomed.

The common struggle we all have with perfumes is it doesn’t really last all day long. Have you ever encountered this? Before you leave home, you pump a decent amount of perfume on you to last all day but as the hours go by, the scent diminishes. That’s unexplainable, I know.

I started reading more articles on how to make perfume lasts all day and I came to understand that have been doing it all wrong all these years! So if you absolutely adore your rollerball, you can pretty much apply it in the same exact way you would by following these few tricks that could help you make that gorgeous scent of yours last all day.

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The pulse points are the best locations on the body to apply fragrance because these areas naturally emit heat, which helps activate the fragrance and allows it to diffuse into the air. Pulse points are the places on your body where your pulse can be felt most clearly, e.g. the inside of your wrist and your neck.

Why so? Because warmth activates perfume. You need to understand that the pulse points on your body where your heart rate can be felt are the best spots to apply a scent – The warmth of your blood. Such points are located behind your ear, at the bottom of your throat, on your wrist, inside your elbow, and behind your knee (as shown in the above picture).

Store them the right way


The most important duty is to apply moisturizer on your skin. If you have oily skin, you’re in luck – the scent lasts much longer on you! However, if you’re a dry skin person (like me) the perfume tends to lose its fragrance traces. Hence, always make it a point to apply body oil or good layers of moisturizer post your regular shower routine.

My recommendations: Use an unscented moisturizer on damp skin wherever you plan to apply your scent.


The usual mistake we all do is we rub the perfume on our wrists. This is a big NO-NO. It is never recommended to rub your perfume against your skin as it tends to break the molecules of fragrance. Ideally, keep your bottle 15-25 cm away from your skin and spray it on the desired pulse point. This will help in distributing the fragrance evenly, keeping it true to its original scent all day long.


Current favorites are Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede & Givenchy

Having spent too much money on your favorite perfume just to see them lying on the floor or behind your car seat is a BIG NO-NO! Ensure that your perfume is protected against heat, light, and humidity -No direct contact with sunlight. This is solely to protect your perfume and make the fragrance lasts!

If you have tried any other way to do so, feel free to let ME know. Do you have any tricks for making perfume last longer? And while you’re at it, share with me your signature scent!


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    Great read and very informative. Does this apply to men’s cologne as well?

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