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Why I Started Blogging

Many of us have our personal stories. Stories that inspire us to look at our lives differently, and to grow to become mindfully vulnerable by not making the same mistakes over and again. Lately, I asked myself why do I blog? Why do I share so much about myself on the Internet with thousands of other people that I don’t know? Why did I start blogging? Let’s get closer to my story today.

Firstly, many people have different reasons to why they start-up a blog. For some it is entrepreneurial or event invites purposes and while for others, it’s a place to share their thoughts and emotions without limit. It’s totally possible to do both because businesses out there use blogging as an integral part of their marketing plan. You can totally make money off of it – It’s a legit job.

Writing for me is like breathing, it just comes naturally.

I started blogging to share my thoughts and fears to encourage someone out there that reads my space and to be brave enough and know that I, like every other girl go through a wheel of emotions – the struggles, heartbreak, hardships, hustle, and happiness. Writing for me is like breathing, it just comes naturally. So blogging seemed like a great place to share my thoughts with the world.

How did I get into blogging?

During the most lowest point of my life, I found hope in writing. It was exactly 4 years ago I started my blog and named it ‘Inspired by Cherisha‘ because I wanted people to read my space and be left with a positive takeaway each time I write. I was coping with my hand injury, (a right-hand injury due to unavoidable situation) and I had to leave my 9 – 5 day job to fully recuperate. It means, not having monthly credit earnings that I came to a point where my savings were done and I can’t help but question myself, how am I to pay my bills and recover from the injury?… these thoughts haunt me and drove me over the wall, also did I mentioned, boredom was kicking in??? I fell into confusion and constant breakdown to where my life was heading and it certainly did not go as planned. Never had I thought this day would come, I was such a planner. My life was falling apart.

I was so consumed by negative thoughts and confusion that I let my human flesh took over than allowing God’s guidance into my life. It was then during my quiet time with God, I remembered how much I like writing since I was a teenager. I often write my feelings in my diary, won writing competition in high school, got 100% mark in essay writing that my teacher printed a sample of my essay to the entire school and oh! I even got my writing published in my school magazine for 2 continuous years. Why did I stop writing? I guess life got busy for me.

It was then I decided, I will write but how? Where? Who will read my writing? While I was discussing my concerns with my partner, he encouraged me to start a blog. Then it came to me. I’m gonna be a blogger! I got excited but it was shortlived. ‘Wait a minute Cherisha, how do you even start a blog? what do you want to write about?

I had no prior experience in starting up a blog nor do I have the basic knowledge to build a website. Again, I felt helpless but it was a good kick-it-in motivation because I was done sitting around. I mean my hand is injured but my brain isn’t, so I started doing research on how to start a blog. I invested every day of my time understanding everything about blogging and how to create a blog, the rest I picked it up along the journey. Sure, it was a lot of work to maintain a website and I didn’t know everything there is to know. It was all rather new to me, I mean what is SEO and what is plugin suppose to mean? Everything was so new as if I just walked into a new space of work without any guidance from nobody. Google was my teacher.

I surely learned it the hard way. I understood that if you put your mind into something, do it one hundred percent full-heartedly and God will be in your best interests. Invest your time into learning something new. Blogging was absolutely challenging and new to me but the hardship was what made me love blogging all the way.

Today, I am humble enough to say that I know everything about blogging and ahem, I can create a website for you from scratch.

Blogging allowed me to be creative in my pictures.

Blogging Creates an Opportunity for Me to Live The Life I Want

I’m a free-spirited person. I knew that if I set my heart into something I want in my life, I will work to get it done. I always felt that I am destined for greatness and there is more for me in life. Some assume it’s too much to think of ourselves special, but I don’t honestly mind it. From an early age, I KNEW that I am destined for greatness. Like, I work hard, but I don’t really fit into the 9-5 corporate mold. I just always knew I was meant to do something different.

I want to create my own opportunities and work remotely with a view than working in a cubicle. If I gotta be on the computer, at least let me do it outside. Or in an environment I actually like. And I know if I use my time wisely and put it all in place before having kids, I’ll feel a lot better about what I did with my 20’s – my freedom years. It’s something that control my success with. I decide when I’m ready to put in the hard work, which ultimately makes it easier to do the hard work.

I always appreciate the opportunities that came to me through blogging. I remember my humble beginnings.

If you are planning on writing today, start now. Remember readers, there’s always a niche for everything: Be it beauty, lifestyle, fashion, travel, cooking, motorbiking, fishing …. you can pretty much blog about anything you want. And trust me, when you publish your first post, you should feel proud of YOU. Because your thoughts are now documented on the Internet and someone, in another country, whom you have never met before will be able to read them and relate to you. And God willing, they become your reader, friend, and follower. Of course, our blog will be buried by 1,000,000 search engines but hey, there’s always another day to write a new experience.

What do you think? Is blogging for you? What are you waiting for? Start writing. If you need any help in how to start a blog, you know your girl is readily available to help you with that. Just leave a comment below and I’m gonna help you build the best blog of your life.

Yours Truly, Cherisha

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