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Best Instagrammable Cafe's in Malaysia!

Kuala Lumpur (KL) is the heart for cafe culture! Regardless of your interests – Be it a mamak stall, restaurant or coffee cafe’s, you will your choice between several spots for coffee or tea with various kind of atmospheres and vibes that suits your interest.

Every district in KL city offers varieties of hip and cozy Malaysian coffee shops that are Instagrammable. The popular coffee shops in the capital city are often bakery-cum-cafes that offer tantalizing all-day brunch, quality coffee, and tea, as well as sinfully sweet desserts in charming and unique plates!

All of these will surprise you with their stylish interior, superb food, and Instagram worthy vibes.

So have you been wondering about the next update of your Instagram feed? Let me help you out in sharing my personal favorite cafes in my city, Kuala Lumpur and Melacca.

Here are my top picks of the best cafes in Kuala Lumpur!

# Merchant’s Lane

If you want an Instagram worthy picture then Merchant’s Lane is your place.

What’s the best way to explain it? Okay…..

You will feel as if you have walk down into the 90’s memory lane with a rustic feel to it. Tucked in off Chinatown and housed inside a former brothel on Petaling Street, Merchant’s Lane attracts customers for its atmosphere, decorations, and ample space to hang out.

The cafe has a strong Asian vibe with rattan chairs and rustic walls. Every corner screams ‘picture-perfect. The entrance is a bit discreet so have fun hunting down Merchant’s Lane.

And YES. It’s **HALAL**

The ambiance of old wooden interior in Merchant’s Lane
Rattan chair with rustic wall
The front counter of Merchant’s Lane

# Yellow Brick Road – Wicked Pancake Parlour

Are you a pancake lover? If yes, then get yourself waze out to Jalan Batai and follow the yellow brick road signboard, it will lead you to a fabulous cafe of pancakes and fusion food fit for all manner of tastes.

The portions are generous and fluffy and the taste is delicious. If you are a pancake lover, these are the pancakes of choice. From the Minimalist pancake with maple syrup to the fusion called Peter Pandan and the ambiance ~ It’s perfect for a relaxing getaway with your family and friends. Insta-worthy!

Pancake-time with my little brother at Yellow brick road during Christmas time

# The Daily Fix Cafe & Heesan Kopi

These 2 places are among the top cafes in Jonker’s street, Melacca. The state of Melacca is on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List, known to be a popular weekend spot for many Singaporeans & Malaysians.

This bustling city is known for its rich culture and local delights such as Chicken Rice Balls, Durian Chendol and Lok Lok, and a cafe scene that is gaining popularity lately.

I absolutely love the homely Instagrammable ambiance and affordable yet good food at The Daily Fix Cafe, so do drop by for your daily fix along the Jonker Street.

Heesan Kopi – Coffee art
The old fashion ambiance in The Daily Fix
Heesan Kopi, Jonker’s Street Melacca

# Fat Spoon Cafe

Walking into Fat Spoon cafe is like going back in time and walking into a Baba Nyonya grandma’s house. This cafe offers a lovely and cozy setting which brings back nostalgic memories of your grandma’s house with a modern twist. Every corner of this place has a spot for you to Instagram!

Fat Spoon Cafe, Damansara

# Starbucks Reserved Four Seasons

I kept the best for the last. Starbucks, for many, could be a regular place to hang out but have you been to Starbucks Reserved? Starbucks Reserve™ in Four Seasons opposite KLCC is a roastery coffee bar! I often receive personalized service with a detailed explanation of coffee beans and coffee making processes. It’s such a cozy & relaxing atmosphere.

My best friend and I often visit this place and we bond over a cup of roasted brewed coffee.

Bet you’re in dilemma now. It’s a personal list here but save it up and explore all with different hooman. That way, your feed, and your friends will love you.

What are your favorite cafes in the world? Tell me in the comment section.

Four Seasons, Kuala Lumpur

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